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THE CANVAS CONFERENCE is an annual conference produced by HUMBLE BEAST and has been running since 2016. The conference is aimed at showcasing how theology and creativity are intricately connected. We have helped to shape the conference aesthetic for the last three years. 2017's conference was centered around the human emotions of depression, fear/anxiety, joy, contentment, and hope. We looked back to our childhood and the 1980's to pull from the nostalgia and emotions that era produced in us. We were tasked to create everything for the conference. We built out the brand treatment, color palette, and web design. We also, produced all photography, video, animation, social media assets, and print materials. We even created a series of five film vignettes we titled, FRAMES OF EMOTION to highlight the subject matter the conference would be covering. We were fortunate to partner with many talented and generous artists to produce an immersive experience that the conference goers will hopefully carry for some time. Film & Photography: ASHTON TRUJILLO, Print: KATE ZAHRADKA, Animation: JORGE ESTRADA


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