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NOVA NIMBUS is unknown to Earth and Earth is unknown to NOVA NIMBUS. But somehow, an object from NOVA NIMBUS has made its way to Earth. AUDILLUS is an emerging musician from a coastal city on NOVA NIMBUS. He is pulled by the things he can’t see, touch, or control and lives anonymously, isolated and disconnected from most people. He is driven by his emotions which he translates into music, but his future is linked to someone from Earth and that relationship will change him in every way.  

AUDILLUS is the first character from the lore behind NOVA NIMBUS. We wanted to give him a proper introduction so we designed, illustrated, animated and scored this short loop to give you the first look into what we’re cooking up over here! We are offering this portrait as a PRINT in our store so go grab one and add that necessary sci-fi to your space!

We have much more story and characters that we’re excited to share so stay tuned!

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